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System integration is defined in engineering as the process of bringing together the component sub-systems into one system (an aggregation of subsystems cooperating so that the system is able to deliver the overarching functionality) and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system and in information technology as the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole.



The complex of services of MVCOM company is a full cycle - from consulting and designing of IT infrastructure objects to turnkey implementation of IT projects. We implement integrated IT solutions, delivery of various complexity of computer server, communication equipment, software and uninterruptible power systems for companies of different levels.



MVCOM values its reputation as an accurate and punctual partner, who fulfills its promises, and guarantees a wide range of product delivery terms and warranty obligations. The network of service centers "RoMAster" provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment, extended support, and also modernization of your equipment.



Company MVCOM works with the leading distributors of world manufacturers, provides a comprehensive supply of a wide range of office equipment and various technical equipment for the construction of information systems and automation tools of any degree of complexity. We offer the best in terms of functionality and cost-effectiveness solutions related to the corporate supply of the following IT equipment: servers, workstations, engineering systems, MFP / printers, passive and active network equipment, equipment and components for video surveillance. We also offer further support for shipped equipment.



Design and installation of structured cable systems (SCS)


Modern structured cable systems are the technical core of the information infrastructure of any office, public or industrial building, residential building. MVCOM company has all the necessary resources to carry out telecommunication projects of any scale and complexity, including the following types of works:

  • creation of data transmission systems;
  • design and installation of SCS;
  • construction of fiber optic communication lines (FOCL) within the framework of creation of SCS;
  • creation and modernization of locally-computing systems;
  • supply, adjustment and maintenance of active network equipment.

Design, installation, maintenance and technical support of access control systems (ACS)

Access control systems are designed to control the movement of people in a certain area. MVCOM Engineers carry out design, installation, maintenance and technical support of the following types of ACS:

  • Complex ACS at the enterprises:
    distribution of employees' access rights to some premises, denial of access to unwanted persons, passage statistics, time records, employee location and work control;
  • Automated parking systems:
    barriers, gate automation, time tracking.

Design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems


Video surveillance systems are often used for surveillance in places requiring constant supervision, such as banks, ATMs, train stations, airports, military facilities, stadiums and conventional stores. MVCOM engineers specialize in the following types of work:

  • design and installation of all types of video surveillance systems;
  • installation of security television systems;
  • organization of work with video data;
  • Integration of IP video surveillance with other systems - ACS, fire safety, etc;
  • processing and analyzing video analytics data.

Design, installation, maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems

Air conditioning and ventilation systems are designed to maintain or regulate in a closed environment all or some of the parameters (temperature, humidity, purity, air velocity) at a certain level in order to provide optimal meteorological conditions that are most favorable to workers and the proper functioning of the equipment. Specialists of MVCOM company carry out:

  • research of the object, definition of technical specifications of the project;
  • design and installation of air conditioning or ventilation system;
  • commissioning and maintenance of installed systems.


Delivery, maintenance and repair of printing and computer equipment

Company carries out delivery of the whole spectrum computer and telecommunication equipment, printing equipment and consumables, and also carries out maintenance of technique. Each customer is assigned a personal manager, whose main task is to ensure the comfort and convenience of working with our company:

  • conduct competent pre-sale and consulting in the field of selection of the necessary equipment for you;
  • take into account all wishes of clients;
  • provide profitable price suggestions;
  • offer a wide range of products.


Supply of licensed software

Purchasing licensed software is a solid investment in the future and development of the company. You reduce your financial risks to a minimum and get rid of a lot of technological problems. MVCOM offers the Customer optimal solutions when choosing a software product, which allows him to maximize the benefits of investment in IT, optimizing and lowering the cost of ownership of licenses:

  • analysis of existing IT infrastructure;
  • selection of software;
  • supply and implementation of software.






  • We provide a wide range of equipment and price range/ You can choose the equipment you need, which according to the equipment and the price will meet all your requirements.
  • We apply an individual approach to each Customer. Your personal manager will give you specific recommendations tailored to your needs.
  • We have an advanced logistics system. We deliver the equipment to any point in Ukraine.
  • Set up and launch the delivered equipment. The specialists of the company set up, launch and show the Customer how the installed equipment works.